Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Wooden Toy and Craft Store: Now They Have A Hammer (Or Two)

Imagine a safe place for children to create cars, trucks, boats, birdhouses, wooden animals, and even chairs (for stuffed animals. )  We discovered it as a site for a birthday party for my preschool son and we have continued to return on our own.  In the back of Trombetta's Farm in Marlboro is a wonderful crafts paradise of sorts.
At the Wooden Toy Store, owned and run by Bob ("The Original Bob the Builder"), children (and adults) can drop in anytime to create wooden toys with pre-made kits.  Bob teaches kids how to handle  hammers, nails and even screwdrivers without hurting anyone.  For my 6 year old's birthday party, his friends were as content as could be creating biplanes.
You can also buy the kits to go and kids can bang away happily on rainy days at home.   Even better, you can buy buckets filled with wood pieces to make fabulous creations on their own.

Wooden Toys and Crafts, 655 Farm Road, Marlborough, 508-485-6992