Thursday, February 26, 2009

Petsis Pies and the Harvard Museum of Natural History

Picture above from the Harvard Museum of Natural History

Winter in New England can feel particularly long for energetic toddlers (and their parents!) So Raphael and I were thrilled to discover the free Sunday mornings at Harvard's Museum of Natural History in Cambridge. While stuffed animals wouldn't be for everyone, there are a range of great wonders that made us both smile with glee. Raphael enjoyed seeing animals that he had only read about in books (moose, dinosaurs, etc.) I was amazed by the mastodon skeleton, the beauty of mineral rocks, the artistry of the glass sea anemones and flowers. Raphael had fun using a magnifying glass to check out bugs, seeing a bright blue (live) frog, and reaching up to try to touch a moose's head. Their little store had some particularly fabulous finds, such as children's books with beautiful art.

It seems like we can't make a trip without a stop at a bakery (so much for a New Year's Resolution to work off those post-pregnancy pounds!). And Petsi's Bakery in Somerville (there is also a Cambridge branch that is closed on Sundays) is worth a stop and the calories. I officially declare that her pies are the best I have had. I am particularly fond of the cherry, the mixed berry and the pecan. Each one is so clearly handmade. The crust is flaky without being heavy. The fillings are genuine-without thickeners or fillers. But, the muffins and scones, too are simply heavenly in fabulous flavors like chocolate-hazelnut (which has huge chunks of hazelnuts, rather than simply globs of Nutella), raspberry-ginger and pear-Gorgonzola. The Somerville location is perfect for stopping by on the way to the museum as it is designed as a take out place with just a few chairs. If you have more time, the Cambridge location has more seats, as well as breakfast sandwiches and lunch specials. They even have free Internet if one is without children and has time to write.

Petsi Pies on Urbanspoon
Petsi Pies on Urbanspoon

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  1. I love both too..and be sure to catch the Sea Creatures in Glass before that exhibition closes on March 1st.