Monday, April 13, 2009

Fabulous Flourless Chocolate Cookies

These cookies are fantastic for so many reasons. First, they are absolutely delicious. In fact, I will warn that they are pretty addictive. They are chewy and chocolaty without being too rich. The walnuts add a crunch and bite. If you cook them perfectly the edges are just crispy enough. They are also so simple that you can make them in minutes. Finally, the fact that they are flour-free means that they can be enjoyed by people who are on gluten free diets, are allergic to wheat or are celebrating Passover. They are also pretty low in fat, though I doubt that eating 6 in one sitting qualifies them as diet cookies!

Instead of retyping a great recipe just click here. The directions from New York Magazine are particularly clear and come with diagrams! The original recipe is from the amazing Francois Payard (if you ever can, do eat his creations in Paris.)

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