Friday, June 26, 2009

One Great Meal and No Dishes: Fabulous Family Meals

It was just one of those days. The three year old had bounced up at 6:00 a.m. insisting that I make "cimanon raisin toast with cweem cheese" and read 3 books before the coffee was ready. I had over 100 projects to grade and 4 classes to teach. And at the end of it, loomed a dinner to cobble together from the few ingredients left in our house and dishes to clean. Luckily, thanks to the generosity of Fabulous Family Meals, for once our family was able to devour a healthy and delicious meal...that I didn't have to cook. Fabulous Family Dinners is the brainchild of Jodi and Kim, two moms who wanted an alternative to picking up pricey dinners at the grocery store. Twice a month, customers can choose from a variety of choices, order as many prepared meals as they want and then Jodi and Kim deliver it twice a month on Monday nights directly to the door. They use almost exclusively all natural and whole grain ingredients. The dishes are ready to be cooked or they can be frozen to eat at the end of another long day.
We were very impressed with both dishes that we tried. The taco pie consisted of corn enchiladas and a delicious mixture of lean ground turkey, tomatoes, peppers and low-fat cheeses served with a package of multi-color taco chips on the side. The dish was comfort food at its best. FoodieDaddy loved that it wasn't spicy yet it was still flavorful. We also enjoyed an enormous portion of tasty chicken parmesan served on a bed of multi-grain noodles. The portion was so enormous that it provided almost 2 dinners and lunch for our family of 2 adults and 2 little boys. I was most impressed that they keep the servings under 500 calories.

Lastly, Fabulous Family Meals tries to accommodate people with food allergies. They list all the ingredients for each dish (so we knew, for example, that the pasta was made with egg whites). They also ask customers to inform them about any allergies so that they can be as safe as possible. In fact, both Jodi and Kim are "serve-safe certified."

While Fabulous Family Meals is not a bargain, it is still a good value as organic and natural ingredients (particularly meats) can be so expensive. The chicken parmesan (made with organic chicken) feeds 4 to 6 hungry people and costs $42.95, while the taco pie rings it at $36.95. So, for about $6.00 to $9.00 a person you get all natural, delicious meals that are delivered to your door. So is this something we can afford to do on a regular basis? No. But for those difficult weeks that we would be spending a fortune on take-out anyway, this is a much healthier (and delicious) choice.

Fabulous Family Meals

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