Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Farmer's Cart Delivery-The Late Summer Version

In June, I wrote about a wonderful new business, The Farmer's Cart, that was started by a woman named Maureen in Natick. To support farmers and consumers who want local produce, each week Maureen rounds up the best of the week at local farms. She then drops off the goods at your doorstep. When Maureen offered to drop off another bag of beautiful fruits and vegetables, I happily accepted. And, in fact, just like last time I was so impressed with the quality, the selection and the little touches that Maureen adds.

Maureen picks her produce up at a range of farms, including Tangerinis in Millis, Dowse and Sunshine Farm in Sherborn and the Natick Organic Farm. This week the selection included: the sweetest corn I have ever eaten, organic scallions, a fresh head of garlic, Juilet and big tomatoes, fresh blueberries, green peppers, fresh basil in a clear glass, crisp Paula Red apples and sweet peaches.  In addition there was the earthy, delicious bread from B & R Bakery in Framingham. Finally, there was a lavender sachet and soap from the Iron Horse Farm in Sherborn.
Maureen includes a write up of all the items and selections on how to use them.  She adds personal recipe cards. She packs the produce in fabric totes with ice packs to keep it fresh until you are able to pick it up at your door.  She can also drop off coffee from Karma Coffee, fabulous fudge sauce from Shootflying Hill and local honey. Finally, she provides a weekly e-mail so that customers have a sense of what to expect each week.

I love to visit farms and farmer's markets. But then there are weeks like this, where I am returning to work, my sons are returning to school and day care, and even a simple errand feels pretty overwhelming. Maureen's drop off not only provided us with wonderful fruit to tide us over until the weekend, but her service helps to support farmers when some of us just can't make it to their farms.

The Farmer's Cart, info@thefarmerscart.com, 508-333-6233

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  1. What a great service! Would definitely take advantage if she delivered to our area. Thanks for highlighting this . . . .