Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dim Sum at Myers and Chang, Boston

I am a huge fan of Joanne Chang. Her bakery, Flour, consistently offers the best bread, cookies, and baked goods. My respect for her as a business owner has also grown this year as I have begun to follow her blog and her Twitter posts. So, when a friend asked where we should meet for lunch recently, I was thrilled to remember that her other restaurant, Myers and Chang offers dim sum on the weekends. The first thing to note is this is a different dim sum than what you will find in Chinatown. I am used to a huge variety of sweet and savory tastes that often leave me feeling full for days. However, at Myers and Chang, dim sum is lighter, a bit simpler and more fusion style.

We began with their peanut noodles.
They were good, though I would have loved a bit more of a kick.
The next dish was my favorite: soft steam buns, folded around salty, fatty pork belly. We then shared homemade vegetable filled dumplings.
The filling was fresh and salty, though I think steaming them might have made it easier to appreciate the vegetables. The tamarind shrimp were even better with a topping of soy sauce.
The last dish, recommended by the waiter, was my other favorite: Indonesian fried rice or nasi goreng. This unusual dish consisted of rice that was blackened, covered with pork, fried shallots and spicy sauce.

On the side of Myers and Chang is a mini-patio with great seats for people watching on the edge of the South End. So, if you can, go on a glorious day (especially one that is paired with a walk through the great art galleries of the South End/ SoWa area.) And, better still-diagonally across the street is Ming's: a phenomenal Asian supermarket that, alone, is worth the trip to this end of Washington Street!

Myers and Chang, 1145 Washington St, Boston MA 02118, 617-542-5200

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