Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Weekend Treat & Staycation: A Night at the Seaport Hotel

Having grown up in the Boston area, I never spent a night in a town that I enjoy so much. And as a parent of young boys, we have only spent a few nights vacationing together. So, when the Seaport Hotel in Boston offered to let us try one of their rooms as part of the "Family Fridays" hotel package we happily agreed.

There were so many aspects of the hotel that we enjoyed. First, maybe I haven't lived it up, but I was smitten from the moment I realized that valet parking was included as part of the package. This meant that when we arrived in a driving rainstorm with a car filled with a inconceivable amount of items for one night, we could all walk right in and still find our luggage in our room. My sons adored the fact that they walked in and were immediately treated to the Seaport's treasure chest. In a small room is a mini-library of books and a chest filled with Matchbox cars and stuffed animals-all perfect novelties for a night away from more familiar toys. The staff was gracious throughout our stay, and as tipping is included, I didn't have to keep looking in my wallet to acknowledge their kindness.
The room itself was a decent size for a family, even though it was which means a bit crowded once we added a crib, 2 toddlers running around, and enough books and toys for a week. Our little boys loved that they could watch the airplanes, boats and cars from the window. I loved the view of the ICA, the Moakley Courthouse and the Boston Harbor.
Another of our favorite parts of the Hotel was the gorgeous pool that is part of the Wave Health and Fitness club. It has an open ceiling so that you can swim under the stars. It was heated enough for the boys to enjoy it and for me to do a few laps. There is also a workout room with classes and cardio equipment, but we were too exhausted to try it out. I did, though, enjoy the steam room the next morning. Ultimately it is a relaxing health club in a hotel.
The beds themselves were heavenly, and though we didn't get a chance to take advantage of it, the room comes with a menu to order your pillow!

In terms of food, we ate so well at our stay, that I will include this in my next post. So, stay tuned...

Finally, I also appreciated the "Green" elements of the Seaport, which they have titled, "Seaport Saves." For us, this meant knowing that the hotel used green "cleaning" for the building.

The reality is that this overnight, which includes dinner at Aura, access to the gym and tickets to the Children's Museum would cost approximately $275.00, which is far from everyone's budget these days. However, I would highly recommend this night for two groups. First, if you are a family who can't afford to fly anywhere, this was a perfect "StayCation." The location is pretty perfect as it is walking distance from the ICA, Children's Museum and Chinatown while being close to the Aquarium. And ultimately, you can quickly feel like you have taken a trip without the hassle of traveling too far. In addition, if you are a family that is visiting Boston, this package can be a wonderful chance to check out a great city.

Seaport Hotel, Boston, 1 Seaport Lane, 1-800-440-3318

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