Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dim Sum is Still Fun at Green Tea

For the first time I took my two sons, solo, to Dim Sum at Green Tea in Newton.  We had been talking about Chinese New Year throughout the week and decided it was time to celebrate. Forgetting that our best friends, Kami of The Fence and Seth of Dadventures in Beantown had abandoned us moved to Brooklyn, I ordered, I kid you not, 10 different items!  My older son devoured a freshly cooked pile of chicken wings.  He also dove into the lo mein. And my other son (already a foodie!), loved the rest as much as I did. We ate green dumplings, full of spinach. We shared tapioca dumplings filled with mung bean custard. We enjoyed creamy bowls of tofu in ginger syrup. We shared shrimp dumplings and roast pork buns.  We only passed on the Chinese crullers that tasted of old oil.  It wasn't the same as the last time we were there with our BFFs...but we enjoyed it just the same.

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