Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lentils make Life Easier

I am still on a quest to find simple meals that I can create while R. hangs on my leg or in my arms. My newest discovery is another Trader Joe's special (I really don't work for them!). In the produce selection they currently have two versions of prepared lentils. These little lentils are already steamed, and, as they come in vacuum sealed bags can stay indefinately in the refrigerator. Last night both my son, husband I enjoyed them 3 different ways:

1. R, now one year old and still slightly suspicious of all foods that are not found in a jar, happily scooped up the lentils, just warmed and served plain in his own bowl.

2. My husband mixed some lentils with little cooked pasta (ditalini cooked the previous evening, though little shells or elbow macaroni would have worked, too) in a bowl, sprinked shredded cheese on top and microwaved it.

3. I chose to eat them french style: I put them in a bowl and warmed them in the microwave. Simulatneously, I poached two eggs. I thew some tomato chunks on the lentils, topped it with the lentils and a sprinkling of salt-instant dinner!

We still have half a bag left over. I plan to put some on a salad and add some to a bowl of chicken stock for instant lentil soup. I am also hoping to try using the lentils Asian style by mixing the chicken stock with some coconut milk and curry paste or spices.

Easy, inexpensive, minimum clean up-what else is there?

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