Friday, October 9, 2009

The Glorious Taste of Fisher Brook Farm Jam

As any regular reader of this blog knows, I am a fan of the Natick Farmer's Market.  I love the opportunity to meet neighbors, have my children play on the town green, and, of course, to get delicious foods from local sources. However, I also enjoy discovering something new. In this case, I was lucky enough to stumble upon Fisher Brook Farm jams and marmalade made by Angela.  I was smitten with the unusual flavors: Honeydew Marmalade, Meyer Lemon Marmalade, Peach Marsala Jam, Damson Plum , Blueberry & Black Currant.  
But Angela was smart enough to offer samples. One taste of the Seville Orange Marmalade, perfectly balanced between sweet and tart, and I was hooked. Since then I can confidently say that each one was been delicious. The Damson Plum, a glorious ruby red, is elegant enough to top a tart. The Peach Marsala, which Angela generously gave me to try, is laced with vanilla, marsala and cinnamon, adds depth to yogurt. The Seville Orange Marmalade continues to be one of my favorites, scrumptious on top of almond butter or salted butter and fresh bread. I look forward to trying the raspberry and black currant.  In fact, I have enough taken to eating them straight with a spoon. Angela is also trying out new flavors such as Shiro Plum, a Spiced Plum and a Blood Orange Marmalade.
Angela is a warm person and her story makes it that much easier to indulge in a jar (or 2 or 3). When her husband lost her job, Angela realized this was her opportunity to try her hand at selling her treats. Her goal is not only to source all the fruit locally (with the exception of the citrus that is so hard to grow in this climate), but to grow it on their 10 acre orchard. 
You have just a few more Saturday mornings to buy her goods at the Natick Farmer's Market before it closes at the end of October. However, the good news: she may also be at the new Natick Farmer's Market starting at the Johnson School in January of 2010!  You can also order her jams on her website.  My guess? Over time you will see her produce in other stores as well-it is that good.

Fisher Brook Farm Jams and Marmalades, Dover, MA
Natick Farmer's Market; 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays between May 16th and October 31st at the corner of Route 27 and Route 135

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