Thursday, November 5, 2009

2 Reasons to go to Newtonville

In Newtonville are two great places that I am tempted to say are worth the drive.  Bread and Chocolate Café-This place is so easy to miss. But once you discover it, it is hard to resist  .I have gone out of my way to pick up their ginger and chocolate scone. Their scones consist of huge chunks of whatever special addition they are using that day, just binded together with enough cakey scone.This means that dark chocolate is nestled right up against the spicy ginger. The recent pistachio-apricot had entire nuts that retained their crunch, making each bite a complete pleasure. I also enjoyed a sweet corn scone with sage. The piney sage was an unexpected taste in the moist scone. They have a range of decadent cupcakes, tarts, cupcakes, crossants and coffee cakes. They also offer savory items such as salads and sandwiches. Pam of Cave Cibum also told me that they have delicious cannelles (one of my absolute favorite foods), but I haven't been lucky enough to see them when I stop by. One more reason to return.  Last tip: I came across chef and owner Eunice Feller selling their goodies at the Newton Farmer's Market this summer, so check for them when the market opens again next spring.  

Taste Cafe: Just across the street is the unassuming Taste Café. (In fact I never would have thought to stop here if Pam hadn't pointed this place out to me, as well.) Owner Nik Krankl took over this cafe in 2008. This place is unusual for a few reasons. First, unlike most coffee stores, Nick rotates the type of espresso that he is offering. Believing that customers will enjoy trying a range of good espresso, he spends a day making sure he has pressed it perfectly. In fact, to make sure it was just right, Nick bought a Synesso espresso machine. Why is this so special? Because he can calibrate the machine to just the right degree for each new espresso. He also started using High Lawn milk from the Berkshires. This delicious milk adds a distinct richness to each sip. I know little about how to make a good espresso, but I can tell you this-not only are his cappuccinos actually beautiful, but it was just delicious. They also just expanded their menu and have crepes, sandwiches and salads, which I haven’t yet had a chance to try.

Bread and Chocolate Café 108 Madison Avenue, Newtonville 617-243-0500
Taste Cafe 311 Walnut St., Newtonville 617-332-6886


  1. I'm so glad you wrote about Eunice's scones. They are truly unique and sensational. The ginger/ chocolate are personal favorites.

    As for Nik, we've been hosting our regular Solo Public Relations Tweetups there since July and it's amazing how much busier it is now than just a few months ago. I've been a regular there for some time, but now there seems to be no end to the line!

  2. I love those two spots, and I wish I lived closer so I could go more often. *sigh*

  3. I've driven by Bread & Chocolate almost weekly, but I had never been in. After reading this post, I took my mom, sister, and toddler there for a birthday breakfast. We loved the scones (the ginger and chocolais IS delicious), muffins, and cupcakes (can't beat that for a birthday morning). We'll definitely go back soon.