Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Week of Aug. 11th at the Newton Farmer's Markets

This week at the Tuesday Newton Farmer's Market I was thrilled at the arrival of one of my favorite bakeries: Bread and Chocolate. Each time I try their handmade baked goods I am impressed again. This time I was swooning over a ginger cookie that was so tender. It was full of crystalized ginger and had enough spice to tickle the back of my throat-a boldness that bakers often skip. Their chocolate chip had oozing chips and chunks of dark chocolate. Stay tuned for a more detailed post on their outstanding store.

As for produce: beautiful white peaches and nectarines, sweet corn, a vibrant array of tomatoes from Kimball farm (fabulous quickly sauteed with shallots and garlic to make a quick tomato sauce), the most unique cucumbers from a Hmong farmer. He also had purslane which I had recently cooked into a soup from David Leite's new cookbook, The New Portuguese Table. The market is at its height now. The parking will never be easy, so my recommendation-park down the street, and stroll on down.

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