Sunday, August 2, 2009

Places to Eat in Mystic, Connecticut

One of the joys of Mystic, Connecticut is easy access to fresh fish and seafood. One of the joys of summer (or anytime in FoodieDaddy’s mind) is the chance to eat ice cream. To ensure a thorough write up on this blog, we all made sure to eat our fill of fish, French fries and ice cream. (Though we also tried to spend as much time as possible walking around Mystic Seaport and the Mystic Aquarium.) Here is a run down of our meals in Mystic.

Kitchen Little: Kitchen Little is minuscule, but there is a lovely little area in the back that is perfect for watching boats on the river and keeping children entertained while you eat. They also open at 6:30 a.m. which is perfect when said children wake at 6 a.m.. Finally, it is located in between the Aquarium and Seaport. We had a delicious omelet with leeks, tomatoes, mushrooms and feta as well as peach and blueberry pancakes. We will return for their lobster Benedict, Portuguese muffin French toast and crabmeat omelettes. They also have lunch. 135 Greenmanville Ave, 860-536-2122

Sea Swirl-We read a lot about the quality of their fried fish, but as we had already eaten at the Cove, we focused on their soft serve ice cream. It was deliciously-dense and creamy. 30 Williams Ave, 860-536-3452

The Sea View Snack Bar-we would have driven right by this non-descript place, had it not been for a positive write up in a guide book. Ironically, it got my vote for best fish of the trip. They used local flounder which was so thin, so delicate and had a subtle taste. The view of the river is also lovely. 145 Greenmanville Ave (860) 572-0096

The Cove Fish Market: I was very excited about the Cove. I highly recommend downloading a menu and ordering in advance. That meant that our meal was ready as soon as we got there, instead of having to wait in line to order. My husband loved their fish. They offer flounder or cod. FoodieDaddy chose cod. I ordered the combo plate which include fish, clams, scallops and shrimp. While my dish was very good, it seemed expensive at $26.95. However, the fries were the best of the trip. I am not sure if it was the type of potato or style of frying, but they were worth every calorie.

Seamen’s Inne. While the Mystic Seaport offers a more casual style restaurant in the village area, the Seamen’s Inne (located past the museum exhibits at Mystic Seaport) offers service at your table. (You can also park and eat there if you don't go to the Mystic Seaport.) You can sit inside at the pub area or restaurant area, or outside enjoying views of the water. My husband loved his fish and chips. This time it was a huge plate of cod, coated in a light batter. It was so crisp on the outside and was a nice contrast with the flaky fish. It was also an excellent value at $11 for lunch. The two strongest aspects of the meal for me were appetizers. I started with 3 Noank (local) oysters on the half shell. They were excellent. I also enjoyed the special calamari which were lightly fried, coated in a roasted garlic sauce and then topped with roasted banana peppers and Asiago cheese. This addictive combination had just enough heat and was tender, gooey and very good. Their clam chowder is of the thick, creamy style and was loaded with potatoes. The lobster salad would be perfect on a soft roll as it consisted of shredded lobster and mayo. For those (like me) wanting more chunks of lobster, order the Admiral’s Lobster Sliders instead. They also have a nice children’s menu that includes clam chowder and fish, as well as the standard hamburgers and hot dogs. Full disclosure-the Inne treated us to this meal. 105 Greenmanville Ave, 1-860-572-5303

Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream: Ice cream has been served at this location since the 1800s (it is off to the right in the picture) And after trying it, we could see why. Not only is the view of the River and Drawbridge fantastic, but the ice cream is delicious. I enjoyed ginger-peach sorbet that was perfect paired with my son’s vanilla ice cream. My husband loved his Mystic Mud which had layers of chocolate. The pistachio had huge pistachios in it. The ice cream is made each day, and is a dense style with less air than other ice creams. It isn’t cheap and they don’t kiddie sizes, so just be prepared to pay $3.50 for a small. But, I think it might be worth it. 2 W. Main Street, Mystic. 1-860-572-7978.

Other places that were recommended to us, but we didn’t have time to check out: S And P Oyster for lunch, the Riverwalk for dinner, Abbott’s Lobster Pound and Bravo Bravo at the Whaler’s Inn.

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  1. Bravo Bravo and Azu is a must in Mystic if you return :) Same owner.