Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Atlantic Spice Company, Truro

The Atlantic Spice Company in Truro, MA is one of those places that is such a treat to discover. In an unassuming building on the corner of Route 6 and Route 6 A on the Outer Cape, lies a treasure trove for foodies. While I had periodically heard about this place, I had no idea about a few things. First, the scope of items you can buy is pretty impressive. There are gadgets galore, spice containers in all shapes and sizes, and cooking utensils that you suddenly realize you have to have. The selection of spices was distinguished by glorious scents (a sure sign of freshness) and unbelievably low prices. I bought an enormous bag of spicy cinnamon sticks for $2.50!  I also got some vanilla beans that were more "vanilly" than any others I have bought.  They have everything from coriander seed to fennel to multiple types of salt. (I bought French sea salt for $2.50 and have used it every day since!)  They also carry spice mixes, like a chili powder that I will try with beans once a chill sets in.  According to one of the men who works at the Spice Company, the vast majority of the store's business is wholesale. In fact, they ship out over 1 ton of products a day. This means that they can charge particularly reasonable prices for the lucky few who make it out to the store. In addition, they have unusual grains (red and black quinoa, for example), essential oils ranging from spearmint to lavender, everything you need for making potpourri, all types of teas and helpful service. The good news if you can't make it to the store itself, is they have a detailed website, so no matter where you are, you can discover the joys of the store.

The Atlantic Spice Company, 2 Shore Road, North Truro, MA 1-800-316-765

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