Saturday, August 15, 2009

One More Day to Get Yourself To The Verrill Farm Tomato and Corn Festival

The Verrill Farm Tomato and Corn Festival is one of the highlights of the summer for us. First, it is a chance to support one of our favorite farms. We also love the opportunity to taste so many types of incredible vegetables. Finally, it gives our children another glimpse at produce right from the source. We went today (Saturday, August 15th) and got there just as it opened at 12:00. Pony rides were already set up and the lovely Monandock Bluegrass Band was in full swing. (That is Steve Verrill speaking to the crowd in front of the band.)
For $8.00 a person ($4 for kids under 10), you get to try as many of the tomatoes and types of corn as you want. Luckily there are tents to provide shady spots for eating tomatoes. We loved comparing acidity, sweetness, texture and color of each tomato. My sons just loved eating them. The corn came in over 5 varieties so you can compare the simplicity of the pure white, as well as the sweetness of others. You also get a plateful of samples of the prepared foods that are made each day. We enjoyed gazpacho, tomato and mozzarella salad, fabulous zucchini-corn pancakes, corn polenta, tomato risotto (that my 18 month old devoured) and my favorite, a corn soup with just a hint of spice. If for some reason you are still hungry, they are grilling up hot dogs and hamburgers, too. We headed into the store because, as any reader of this blog knows, I can't resist their scones. Today they had maple-walnut, raspberry-white chocolate and mixed berry. I also bought 4 varieties of beautiful eggplants.

The Festival will still be on tomorrow, Sunday, August 16th, from 12 to 4. A few suggestions-go early before the crowds. If it is still sunny, it is worth bringing a sun umbrella, a picnic blanket and water bottles in case you can't get under the tent. And go hungry!

Last bit of info: be aware that Verrill Farm has plenty of tomatoes in a range of colors and types to try. Unfortunately, the weather this season has been so tough that Verrill only has enough tomatoes for tasting. So we will return next week to stock up on tomatoes for sauce, salads and soups.

Verrill Farm Tomato and Corn Festival, 11 Wheeler Road · Concord, MA 01742 · Tel 978-369-4494

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  1. I didn't get there but it looks fabulous. Maybe next year.
    Kathy (from the library)