Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Have Your Lavender and Eat It Too: The Doughnut Plant, NYC

There are donuts. And then there are donuts from the Donut Plant in New York City.
For the record I am not a big fan of donuts. Too heavy. Too fried. Too sweet. However, to go to the Donut Plant is to erase everything you have previously believed you knew about donuts.
Here they are artisan treats, made with real lavender, homemade jam and freshly ground peanut butter. The creme brulee had burnt sugar on top and custard inside.
The coconut is made with real coconut milk. The chocolate is from Valrhona. The donuts come square and round, cake style or not. Each one was better than the next. Right now they come in flavors like chestnut, marizpan, panettone and pomegrante!
Another example of why it is worth a food visit to New York and bringing back the largest box of treats that is possible. The hardest decision? Do you share them or keep them for yourself?

The Donut Plant, 379 Grand Street, New York (with a new location, soon at the Hotel Chelsea!)

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