Monday, December 6, 2010

A Toast to Arabica Coffee, Portland, Maine

Bard Coffee, I do love you so. You were my first stop this time as I arrived in Portland. And once again the Barista created a delicious cup of, her choice, Ethiopian coffee. I sat. I wrote. I was happy. But when a Portlander told me I had to try Arabica Coffee Shop, I couldn't resist. And, in fact, I am smitten. You see, they have toast. Homemade toast made by a man named Doug who delivers it to be served in thick slices and smeared with butter. And, yes, the my short cappuccino was as good as it gets. There are tables to sit, to indulge, to write. So, now I have two loves.

Arabica Coffee Shop, 2 Free Street, Portland, Maine

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