Tuesday, January 3, 2012

FoodieMommy Shifts Once Again

I began FoodieMommy almost 6 years ago, when my first son was born. FoodieMommy was intended as a resource for other new parents, for parents of children with food allergies and, most of all, as a way for me to share my successes during the transition to parenting.  By the birth of my second son in 2008, my oldest had grown out of his allergies and FoodieMommy became a place for me to share recommendations for restaurants, food stores, trips, artisan crafts and museums.  I was lucky to be a part of an evolving food blog world and to enjoy its benefits. Yet in 2010, life evolved again, as I became a single parent.  And, in fact, it is just in the last  6 months that I been able to settle into this life.  For me, that has meant balancing three things. First, my sons. To be the best mother I can for them means being present when they are with me. Together we bake donuts and pretzels and rolls. We take walks, create art from recycled materials and build with homemade playdough. Yes, I still cook for them. My oldest (almost 6!) still eats 4 things: hot dogs, edamame, hamburgers and noodles (as well as bread, fruit and cucumbers!), while the youngest (almost 4) enjoys anything I make, from brisket to Japanese donburi. When they are with their dad, I find balance by doing what I love and need: yoga, taking walks, watercolor painting, drawing, writing and, yes, cooking. Finally, I work, teaching each day.  The main point? That as the blog world has grown, as my life has reconfigured, I have both lost some of the motivation, energy and time to devote to FoodieMommy.  What does this mean for my blog? I don’t know.  It is still here, and I will write when I am inspired by a place, a food, a product. But it will not be as regularly as I did before. So thank you, dear readers, for your devotion and patience.  And welcome to 2012.


  1. Michele, Happy New Year! I think that shifts in our blog are a natural progression. I wrote about my everyday life, then focused on food and restaurants, then blogged nearly every day and now more about the things that interest me (which often still includes food) and when they interest me. I welcome the changes to your blog and can't wait to see where the next step of your journey takes you!

  2. Everyone needs to shift gears now and then, and it naturally takes time to settle in. Good to see that you'll continue posting when you can. I've missed reading about your adventures. Best of luck!