Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pillows as Art: Parker|BROWN Textiles, Rockport

Last year as I meandered through the stores of Rockport, I discovered, on the edge of town, the loveliest of stores. There, at Parker|BROWN textiles, Helen Parker, mom and artist, creates hand dyed pillows and textiles.  And now, as I am starting plans to decorate my new home, I keep thinking about the gentle blues of of her folded pillows, a lovely design that she created from yarn and the softest of chenille on her sea themed pillows. I just wanted to sit in her studio which is directly attached to the store, to talk to her more about the creative process and to inhale the colors. I had to return to reality that day, but I will return to her store.

Parker|BROWN Textiles, 67 Broadway, Rockport, 978-546-8050

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