Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pancakes, sure. Home Renovation? Not so much!

It isn't a fixer-upper-handywoman's special, thank goodness. My hands are full enough trying to make sure my sons arrive at their schools on time with all the proper foot ware each day!   We are moving into our first home in July.  And while it is in relatively good "move in" condition, the house is still calling out for love, care, a good paint job, a desperate need for furniture and, some day, a kitchen renovation.  I am trying to find a balance between my dream decorating ideas and the inevitable financial reality.  On the upside, there is the exciting challenge of making due with what I can salvage from friends, recycling stores and even the town dump.  And there is something I am growing to love about finding the patience to decorate and create a home in stages.  After all, it is truly going to be the first home I have ever had and it is the one I hope we are in for the next 20 years.  Truth be told, my only really DIY project started as a tall kitchen stool...and ended as a lopsided 3 inch piece of wood.  So, check back in to see if my ambition dissolves into store buying frenzy! No matter, what, you can anticiapte upcoming posts as I jump into the world of decorating-renovating-DIY-home blogs, stores, and projects.  And share any success stores (or words of warning!) Let the painting begin!  In the meantime, feel free to jump on my Pinterest bandwagon by clicking on the badge at the right.

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  1. I feel you, we moved 6 months ago and still have boxes in the living room!!It never goes as planned,and the process can be sometimes frustrating..but the end result makes it worthwhile!!!can`t wait to see the outcome!!