Friday, June 15, 2012

Inspired by Trees at SOWA

Tables by MBT Woodworking
I went for the pottery and left inspired by wood. I hadn't been to the SOWA Market in over a year. I was searching for ceramic bowls to replace my favorite brought back from the Velvet Antler Studio in Yoho National Park and recently broken in carelessness.  But I was struck by the work of four artists in particular, all crafting beauty out of trees.  You can see the artistry of Michael B. Tobin of MBT Woodworking in the images above. He crafts furniture from gorgeous woods like cherry, oak, maple and walnut. My favorites: the beautiful end sofa tables. My hope? To save enough to be able to have him build me a coffee table from curly maple and walnut.
Brian Schopfer of Shopfer Woodworking uses old wine barrels to make beautiful narrow mirrors which are perfect for fitting in small spaces. He also makes gorgeous lamps and beautiful bookshelves that retain the texture of trees.
Nathan William Murrell (whose business card reads, "maker of things"), runs Hijacked Ceramics.  He layers Japanese papers on wood and places carved wood on top.  These artistic 3 dimensional multimedia pieces would be lovely on any wall.
Bill Phaneuf of Frames with a History had just one mirror surrounded by turn of the century stained glass.  This would be most glorious in front of a large window. I hesitated only because of some lead paint on the edges. I know I could remove it or paint over it...but I am not sure I am talented enough at this type of work...If anyone has a sense of how to do it, let me know.

At times I am overwhelmed by how to furnish and decorate my new house on such a slim budget. But these artists inspired me by their use of materials and what they could create.

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  1. Congrats on the house! I'm looking forward to hearing about your decorating excursions!