Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yoga at Home: Yoga On-Line, Podcasts and Video Casts

I get that nothing can replace the joy of a fabulous yoga class at a studio.  And, in fact, the more I take classes at Down Under, the more hesitant I become to practice at home. I love being among a community of learners. And, most of all, I love having the individual support and guidance of a stellar teacher.

But between the travel time, the cost and the challenge of being a single mom trying to go to a studio, it is often far easier to make space for my practice at home. I am still trying to find the best sites, podcasts, DVDs to do yoga at home, so feel free to comment and add yours.

Kripalu: Could I sing their praises any more? Why, yes, I can!  You can stream videos directly from their website. While Kripalu only offers 7 videos, each one is a full yoga class with a talented teacher.  They also cover a range of challenges, from restorative to vigorous. These are also a great way to learn more about the Kripalu yoga style.

Yoga Journal has a strong set of videos. Granted some are dated, and I have yet to see the list updated. However, the yoga classes range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes, making it easy to fit a home practice into any schedule.  I am a big fan of Jason Crandall's classes. In fact, I have these videos on my I-Phone so I can practice anywhere.

I just discovered Do Yoga With Me which has a range of free videos to stream.  Obviously free videos from a range of studios means not knowing about quality. But the price makes it easy to try!  I have been impressed with the pilates offerings.

Often great yoga teachers have a video or two that you can stream. I have used John McConnell,

In theory, My Yoga On-Line is pretty compelling. For a set price, you get unlimited streaming of yoga classes.  But I have yet to sign up, as I am already paying for a monthly Netflix streaming option, as well as for all my yoga classes at local studios...If anyone has tried it, please share.

Netflix streaming offers a few classes, but none of compelled me to do some Downward dog poses...

I have yet to find an App that impresses me enough that I do it regularly. Most apps only have enough space to be a series of static poses, rather than a flowing workout.  Nor do I find podcasts useful without visuals to check my footing. But feel free to share any great ones, too.

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