Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Laughing Dog, Kripalu and Baptiste-A Few Other Places to Yoga it Out

Each time I enter the Down Under Yoga studio in Newton, I begin to breathe more slowly. I leave inspired, stronger and calmer.  But because I can't always swing a 20 minute drive to class nor fit the class times into my schedule, there are a few other studios that I enjoy.  One of the best parts of yoga is that  most studios encourage drop ins.  Yup-yoga is both commitment free (and even requires few accessories!)

Laughing Dog Yoga in Wellesley-I have yet to figure out why there is such a gap in the types of yoga offered in the Wayland/Weston/Wellesley/ Natick/Framingham area. There are many, many studios offering hot yoga, as well as extremely mellow hatha yoga. But Laughing Dog is the only studio I have found that offers a range of vinyasa and anasura without having to trek into Newton or Cambridge. The Saturday morning class with Marissa is excellent for her attention to detail in the poses. Jennifer, the owner of the studio offers teaches a number of classes that challenge the mind and body.  Laughing Dog also has a classes for teens.

Baron Baptiste Studio in Cambridge and Brookline-There are times I just need to SWEAT. And Baptiste does it. The studios are hot. And the whole concept is based on the same intensive, power yoga style set of core poses.  I am not a fan of the commercial feeling that comes along with this well publicized studio. However, the best part is that the studios are so popular that they literally have classes throughout the day.  I began my yoga journey at a Baptiste studio and still go every few months or so.

Kripalu Yoga Center in the Berkshires-You can read about the peaceful and beautiful setting, as well as the delicious food and inspiring yoga classes here and here.   If I could afford it, I would commit to the month long teacher training programs here. Someday...perhaps.

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