Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Amazing Paul

Hi, I am Michele’s other son.  I am 6.  I want to tell you about a place in Boston.  It is called Paul and I think it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! 

 And I want to tell you some of the foods the place has: pain surprise, gougeres, navettes, les pains de mie, petit pain, la brioche de noel, le pain au cranberry, almond apricot yule log, pear chocolate yule log, chocolate mousse yule log, raspberry pistachio yule log, coffee nougatine yule log, igloo entremet, large macaron, 12 classic mini macarons, saint nicholas character, chocolate christmas tree waffle, and sugar icing christmas tree waffle.  

And that was from a book.  And I was telling you what was in the book. And I ate a sandwich with lettuce and lox. And it was really good. And there is more food in Paul.

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