Monday, August 29, 2011

Wish it Were Closer, Part 2: Culture, Park Slope, New York

As I dipped my spoon back into my homemade apricot yogurt, I sighed, glad that I could experience Culture, but needing it more back in Massachusetts. Culture: An American Yogurt Company was started by Jenny Ammirati and her husband, Gino. The antibiotic and hormone free milk comes from an upstate dairy and is both strained on the premises into fresh yogurt and made into frozen yogurt. I have tried to make frozen yogurt and it tastes, like, well, sour yogurt. But here the apricot yogurt was tart, refreshing and lovely. I loved it even more with the apricot-ginger topping. I tried a taste of the full fat fresh Greek yogurt which was as rich as sour cream and was heavenly with a raw honey. This is precisely the type of place that I would love to take my young sons for a treat, but a 4 1/2 hour drive seems a bit unwieldy for such a thing. So, for now I will have to regal them with tales of one more speciality they can have when they finally make it down here. And Park Slopers can rejoice.

Culture: An American Yogurt Company, 331 Fifth Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn

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