Tuesday, March 13, 2007


The foodie in me represents the urban me. The person who would take the subway for 45 minutes to try a parmesean cheese that costs $35.00/pound, follow signs in a language I barely understand to have authentic rice candies or take out my favorite sesame dumplings from one restauarnat for an appetizer and spicey Duk Bogli for dinner. It is the person who lives to eat, but also loves to meet new people, to explore art, to check out sidestreets and enjoy reading the Sunday Times in a cafe. It was also the me that was always, always planning the next trip-to eat passion fruit in Kauai, Hevin's chocolates in Paris or roti in Dorchester.

The mommy in me is my new life-in suburbia (husband needed space for his job-a much longer story), with a baby and a husband and a job. Out here, though only 25 minutes from Boston, are an endless series of chain restaurants interuppted by mediocore inexpensive family eateries. That isn't to say all the food is bad, but it certainly no longer means leaning out the door for authentic Mexican, Thai, Korean or Cuban.

So here I am. Trying to make a gourmet meal while R pulls at one leg, shopping for Earth's Best Organics while picking up arugala, planning meals around nap time and realizing that eating out means spending 40.00 for a babysitter....before we even start the meal. It also means introducing R. to the joys of avocado, tofu, fresh strawberries and sweet peaches. It also, perhaps, means sharing the pleasure of food and cooking with him as he grows older.

For now, it is the start of a new me: Foodie/Mommy.

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