Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Mommy in Me

I became a mommy 11 months ago. As a friend so aptly said, it really is the greatest change in your life. Unlike all the other transitions I faced (new jobs, losing a parent, moving in with my fiance, getting married, buying a house), becoming a mother has challenged me to figure out who I am NOW, now that someone else is so completely dependent on me. And it happened instaneously because all those years wanting to be a mother, and the 10 months preparing are nothing compared to the reality.

And, in many, many moments it is wonderful. When R. does something new (and recently it seems to be every day), I just stare at him and smile. At times I burst out laughing as this marvelous cutie discovers that he can wave and proceeds to wave at everything: us, plastic men, carrots, cups, himself. We show him how he can put a little toy in a cup and he proceeds to try to put toys of all sizes...in the cup. He dances by swaying his hips-no matter what music he hears. And for a few weeks, he played peek-a-boo endlessly, over and over and over again.

Every parent can detail the challenges of emersion into parenthood-the lack sleep, the lack of control, the "not-knowing." These have been true for me. But on top of it all has been trying to figure out how to still be ME-the foodie in me, while being the mommy for R.

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