Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Best of Metrowest: Karma Coffee, Sudbury

To me, a great coffee shop is defined by 3 things. First, it has to have rich, dark coffee. Second, since I find it infinitely easier to write in a public place than at home. So, at best, a coffeehouse also needs an atmosphere that makes it tempting to stay and write for a bit (though not at the expense of the owner!) Ideally that means a place to sit, to mingle with others, but also to be able to drink the coffee in peace. As I prefer to visit independent coffeehouses, I have struggled to find a place that fits that definition in the Metrowest area. So, despite how ridiculous it may seem, I typically drive 30 minutes to the Diesel Cafe in Somerville. Now, though, that I have discovered Karma Coffee in Sudbury, I may be able to stay quite a bit closer.
I first tried a bag Karma Coffee last spring. The beans came as part of my delivery of produce and local goodies from Maureen at the Farmer's Cart. The coffee was delicious, but when I heard that Karma Coffee was in Sudbury, I imagined it to be miles from my house. Then, this past week, when I chatted with the woman working the Karma Coffee stand at the Wayland Winter Market, she pointed out that it was located right on the Wayland/Sudbury/ Framingham border. And in fact, just a few miles down Route 20, sitting right behind a Papa Ginos, lies the Karma Coffee House.
I fell in love immediately. A warehouse of sorts, the owner, Dave has expanded his business from just coffee roasting, to opening a coffee house. Thus, this place offers the best of both worlds. You can buy Fair Trade beans (90% of his beans are organic), roasted on site or you can sit, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. In fact, you can even watch the beans being brought in and roasted.
In addition, if you get hungry, they have scones and croissants from one of the best bakeries: B & R in Framingham. In fact, Dave's coffee is so good that he is now supplying it to a number of restaurants in Boston. I loved the open space, the comfortable seating and the friendliness of the staff.
I discovered it and now I will be back. My only regret-they are only open until 2:00 p.m. and are closed Sundays. One last tip-their sign is pretty small, so just turn right before the Papa Ginos if you are headed West on Route 20.

Karma Coffee, 100 C Boston Post Road (Route 20), Sudbury, 617-283-7373


  1. A day without Karma is like a day without sunshine

  2. Karma Coffee is a little nugget of Cambridge in Metro West. The staff are wonderful, knowledgeable and dedicated to the craft of making delicious coffee. From the moment you walk in, you know it's the real deal.