Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chocolate is Good: Hotel Chocolat

The other day the doorbell rang. Neither a package of LEGOs for my kids, nor flowers for me, but something far more delicious: two chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. The company had e-mailed me to make me aware of their two stores in the Boston area. And, thus, arrived two chocolate gifts in a refrigerated delivery truck.
I received two things: the Dark Chocolate Vampire and the Dark Chocolate Truffle Tree. The verdict? First, the dark chocolate was very good. Not to sweet. Smooth. Fruity. I can't imagine any dark chocolate lover not being happy to receive it. The Tree was full of cranberries, almonds, and praline truffles. In other words, it was far richer and sweeter. Put it this way: it was a bit easier to refrain from devouring it, though the dark chocolate was still excellent. In fact, each time I tried the chocolate (you know, to make sure this blog was accurate), I was struck by how purely chocolately and delicious it was. The chocolate itself is grown at Rabot Estate in St. Lucia. What is interesting is that the company prides itself on creating and following an "Engaged Ethics Policy." You can read more details here, but essentially, the company tries to make sure that farmers get a good wage for their products.

Hotel Chocolat offers a wide range of chocolates and products. The best way to learn more? Check out their 2 locations in Massachusetts: On Newbury Street and at the Chestnut Hill Mall.
You can also check out their website. In the meantime, I will be busy sitting here. Eating chocolate.

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