Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Bite of Cake, Lexington

Cupcakes are just not something I crave. Cheese, YES! Dark Chocolate, YES, YES! Coffee? Every. Single. Morning. So often cupcakes are too sweet, too dry or too expensive. And, since this blog was always intended as a resource for recommendations, I don't think I have ever found a reasonably priced cupcake that I liked enough to blog about it. Recently, though, I may have changed my tune. I was in Lexington of all places and stumbled into the appropriately named, Cake. Started in August of 2009 by Michelle Ryan, she offers full sized cakes, regular cupcakes and, my favorite, bite-sized cupcakes that cost a mere 85 cents. Ms. Ryan reminded me to make sure the cupcakes came to room temperature to enjoy them at their best. I am not typically a frosting afficiando, as they often taste like a stick of butter. But I enjoyed each of the frostings on these cakes. And the cupcake itself was buttery and moist. For example, the red velvet had cream cheese frosting and was perfectly moist. I didn't expect the carrot cake to be one of my favorites, it was pretty perfect with pineapple cream cheese sitting on top. You can even have cup of complimentary coffee to balance the little bite sized morsels while sitting out on the porch. Or, to rationalize your calories, you can stop by after a jaunt on the Minuteman Bike Trail. No matter what, we all deserve a treat sometimes, yes?

Cake, 1628 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA 02420, 781-674-2253

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