Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bring on the Snow, Mother Nature: We Have Marshmallows!

Two boys under 5. 4 snow days and counting. An apartment. What exactly do you do? You play in the kitchen, apparently.

Marshmallow Creations: On one of the first snow days, desperate for activity, I grabbed what I could. A few hours later, my kids had created massive asteroid-like sculpture with marshmallows and toothpicks. They used food coloring to create shapes on paper plates and spread it around with straws. I just kept finding things in the kitchen-paper bags, cups, plates, raisins. No, this wouldn't win any environmental awards, but it kept the kids busy and happy.
Pretzels: By the next snow day (and an early release from school!), I stocked up. This time the day began with pretzels. I wrote about them years ago, and they continue to be one of the best things to bake with the kids. Regardless of the shape they create, the recipe from Smitten Kitchen ensures a delicious success as long as you eat them when they are warm. (A day later and they could break your teeth!)

Macaroni Sculptures: Taking advantage of a project from my sons' school, we took macaroni and smooshed them into play dough.
Ironically, one of their favorite activities? Classic: Boxes. Yes. At the last minute I got a few big boxes at the local store. We created beds for stuffed animals, a train and my kids raced up and down the hall in their "Boats." Cheap tongue depressors and q-tips helped add a few more minutes of building and designing.

But, because mother nature is what it is, I am creating next-snow-day back up plans.

First, goo: Just mix cornstarch with water and you get a few hours...and a bit of a mess. But, hey, there is always time to clean it up!

I may also try this new trick: using my i-phone and Legos to create mini-movies. Apparently that is a new You-Tube rage!

We have a box of sugar cookie mix to decorate and, I think pizzas may be up for next time.

Friends added a few ideas: water tables, playing with shaving cream or pudding painting.

Meanwhile I am also planning to buy an indoor trampoline, some roller skates and the new mini-scooters to get my kids some exercise. Red light-green light only goes so far!

Tammy of Food on the Food has written a few great articles about her attempts at fun on these indoor days.

And you? Any other ideas?

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  1. These are great ideas! I really do hope there are NO MORE snow days this season... but if there are more - our boys loved setting up an arctic camp in the living room. Freeze dance was another fun activity to get everyone's ya-yas out :)