Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Twist on Some Old Haunts (And One New One!)

Over the last few months, I have had a chance to rediscover some of my favorite places. I also finally made it to the Clover Food Truck, which is popular in food circles...

Chirashi Sushi at Oishii

Oishii was long one of my favorite places to eat, but between distance and cost, haven’t been back in almost 2 years. (Though I have made it to the fabulous Oishii 2 in Sudbury.) One return visit and I remembered why this place is so special. The fish is so fresh and exemplifies sushi at its best. The Chirashi offers a great big bowl of wonderful sushi rice topped with ebi, tamago, many types of of fish and octopus. As good as the fish is, for me it is the perfect sushi rice that makes Oishii stand apart. They have lunch specials, but I am always temped to order off the broad sushi menu.

Breakfast at Sofra

Shakshuka poached eggs in spiced tomato sauce with shoug and pita crumbs: tomato sauce with cilantro; warm tomato soup with just a bit of heat; garlicy and cilantro. This is just one of a few breakfast specials that you can have before 11 during the week and 3 on weekends. I was actually proud that I chose that instead of the decadent looking sweet pastries are of Chef Maura Kilpatrick. (I also pondered the olive oil granola, but instead made a fabulous batch at home care of Melissa Clark's recipe.) However, you can still go for their delicious hummos and sandwiches (which I wrote about here) anytime.

The Bar at Craigie on Main

Craigie still reigns as my favorite restaurant for a nice night out. You can read about those dinners here and here. But I have long wanted to try out the bar menu and to sit and enjoy their fabulous drinks. On my first visit, I indulged in pigs’ tail. I had eaten them once before at Coppa and, this time again, was struck by what a delicious way to enjoy pork. Think salt and fat and wonderful meatiness. For the squeamish, you can be calmed by the fact that it looks like chunks of pork, not a curly tail care of Wilbur! (Update: since I wrote the post, Chef Maws has incorporated their bar menu into the appetizer section of the main menu. So, you can get the bar food at the bar...or the restaurant.)

Pad Thai at Rod Dee

The New Rod Dee is another of my favorites. (In fact, the first post I ever wrote was about the original (and recently closed) restaurant.) And each time I go I try to order something different. Their menu is so ample and offers so many dishes that you can’t find elsewhere. But on a recent visit, I went with “boring.” And the pad thai that arrived reminded me, again, as to how good simple food can be. The tender noodles, the sweet-sour taste, just begged to be inhaled spoonful by spoonful.

Lunch at the Clover Food Truck

The folks at Clover Food Truck make the 8 hour round voyage to Brooklyn, of all places, to pick up thick, soft pita bread to use as the base of their sandwiches. On my first trip to the truck, I munched with content on my veggie sandwich. It included slices of sweet roasted squash, onions roasted with thyme, a white bean spread with maple syrup and fresh swiss chard. The Clover Food Truck also recently opened up a restaurant in Harvard Square...so perhaps that is a place for a future visit.

Oishii Sushi Bar, Chestnut Hill

Sofra, Belmont

Craigie on Main, Cambridge

Rod Dee, Brookline (and soon Porter Square in Cambridge)

Clover Food Truck

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  1. It is always great to re-discover some of your favorite places!