Monday, February 28, 2011

For This Jam, I Shall Travel

Tucked into a non-descript building in Davis Square is Sessa's Cold Cuts & Italian Specialities. And behind the bricks is an array of pastas, cold cuts, cheeses, cookies and jams, many imported directly from Italy.
And, see, here is the thing. In the back corner of the store they have this jam: Fattoria Sicilsole Sicilian Blood Orange Marmalade.I had found it in New York at the Chelsea Market and fell in love. It is incredibly tart and just perfect on thick slices of lightly toasted bread and scones and even bagels. It is also, if I may say so, beautiful: thick slices of glossy ruby strands hanging out in the jam. Fattoria Sicilsole makes other wonderful jams and marmalade like a Sicilian Lemon, a Fig and a Tangerine. But while you are Sessa's, don't stop at the jams. I find it hard to resist anything blood orange these days and snapped up a blood orange soda that is perfect on its own or with a bit of vodka. The pasta comes in styles that are hard to find elsewhere, such as foot long strands of dried black squid pasta. So check them out. Let me know what you think.

Sessa's Cold Cuts and Italian Specialities, 412-414 Highland Street, Davis Square, Somerville

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  1. This place looks like a great find! I will always travel for mustard!