Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reviews: The Good, the Not So Good and the Etc.

Over the last few months, I have been lucky to receive a range of samples from meats to yogurt to dessert. Some have been good, others have been great. Here is the low down:

From Applegate Farms: Savory Turkey Sausage, Classic Breakfast Sausage, Natural Roast Chicken and Natural Pepperoni. It is hard to explain how much I love Applegate Organic and Natural Meats. My finicky older son (5), lives off of a few foods, hot dogs being one of them. And the Applegate Uncured Beef hotdogs and Organic Dogs, which are completely free of nitrates and chemicals make it relatively easy for me to give him hot dogs without too much guilt. I regularly buy their sliced turkey for easy lunches for the kids. Of course, their Natural Roast Chicken was a hit with my kids. The sausages are great, and though, yes, they have sodium, they are good for those nights that we have "breakfast for dinner." But my favorite of my samples? The Applegate Pepperoni. These big huge circles, made from sustainably raised pork, went beautifully on homemade pizza dough.

From Dancing Deer Baking Company: I am really belated here! The kind folks at the lovely company, Dancing Deer sent me a package of their Gourmet Sandwich cookies. They gift box includes two flavors, Boston Cream Pie and Chocolate Peppermint. Did I love these? I really enjoy their Chocolate Tangerine and Sugar Cane Lime Cookies as they are not too sweet and crispy and crunchy. However, the sandwich cookies were a bit too sweet and dense. Point being? Dancing Deer cookies are a wonderful present (you can send their gift towers and baskets without spending too much money), but skip the sandwich cookies.

From MyBlogSpark, I received:

Cinnamon Cherrios-these reminded me of the cereal we weren't allowed to have as kids! They are actually delicious, but so sweet that I immediately hid them from my kids. Sorry, my mom's lessons about not having sugar cereals at breakfast worked. Plain Cherrios rule at my house.

Yoplait Kids Yogurt -I am a Stonyfield Farm kind of mom. It is organic, low in sugar and is what my kids have eaten obssessively since they were babies. But I am open to other yogurts, as long as they and low in sugar. But my biggest gripe with the Yoplait Kids Yogurt? The branding. My kids love Dora. But I want them to request food because it is good, not because she is on it. Sorry. Doesn't work for me. The other problem-I literally can barely find it. Instead, it is far more common to find their Go-Gurts, that are branded and come in ridiculously artificial and supernatural colors.

Yoplait Frozen Smoothie-I will admit...I still haven't tried this. See, you get a bag of, essentially, frozen berries and yogurt pieces. And you blend it with milk. But it is far too easy for me to watch my kids grab their own pre-made Stonyfield Farm Smoothies from the frig. I just don't have time to deal with a blender. Sorry.

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