Monday, March 28, 2011

One Appetizer, Two...and Stew at Korea Garden

I was barely seated at Korea Garden on Harvard Street in Allston, when the waitress brought me a cup of tea. And 12 appetizers. No joke. Known as banchan, I have never eaten at Korean restaurant that offered this range of little dishes. And, the waitress even checked with me that I liked the assortment! I tried each of the following (and all served with silver chopsticks): Pickled bean sprouts, Pickled garlicy garlic scapes, Spinach, steamed and served cold, Seaweed, Spicy daikon, Kimchi, Hot dogs with chilis!, Slices of sweet fish cake, Chewy anchovies, Spicy parsley, Sweet potato stems. And yes, this is all included.My main dish was divine. Soon Doobu comes in a hot dish served with a raw egg to be cracked into the molten soup, thickening it instantly. The stew itself is full of soft tofu, bits of zucchini, and, by my choice, chunks of pork. They all rest in the spicy, yet soothing broth, ready to be scooped up with white rice. This may not be everyone’s comfort food. But it is mine. And if this is a taste of Korea Garden, I will soon be back.

Korea Garden, 122 Harvard Ave, Allston

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