Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Chance to Enjoy Coppa

My long week began to alleviate with a morning visit to the Museum of Fine Arts. But the day got far better as I sat down at Coppa for brunch. (Just as it is far easier to find parking near the MFA on a Sunday morning, same in the South End.) Though Jamie Bissonnette recently won Food and Wine Magazine's "2011 People's Best New Chef" award, there were even tables at 11:30. And, how very lucky for me. This brunch both reminded me of the joys of eating at Coppa (I first had dinner there just over a year ago) and the pleasure of a truly good meal.

I began with an Aperol Spritz. Molly of the blog, Orangette had persuaded me to try this French Apertif, and, in fact, it hit the spot. I followed that with another treat-one of Jamie Bissonnette's house made charcuterie.
I enjoyed thin slices of homemade porchetta. As my ever patient waitress explained, Bissonnette takes all the extra parks of the pig and creates a sausage of sorts. They then mix it with pistachios and slow roast it. What arrives is porky, meaty goodness trimmed with thin, succulent fat.
However, the highlight of my meal was my "Uova in Camicia." What arrived was a heavenly combination of 3 things. First, eggs that were poached slowly so that the whites and yolk were all perfectly tender. Part of the joy was the trio of chopped chives, chopped and sauteed garlic and pimenton d'esplette that anointed the top. Ultimately the eggs were just perfect to ooze slowly over the nutty, cheesy and absolutely decadent buckwheat polenta. Then, on the side, house made bacon, sliced thick and salty to eat over buttery toast. The polenta was so good that I have been determined to recreate it at home...or at least a semblance thereof!

This visit convinced me once again of the joy of this place. What I love most? The incredible care that goes into each dish. But I also love that there is so much more on the menu that I can return for.

Coppa Boston, 253 Shawmut Ave, Boston, 617-391-0902

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