Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let the Steak Grilling (And Eating) Begin: Wusthof Grand Prix II Steak Knives

For many years I was a vegetarian. Yes, this pork-loving, meat-devouring woman was a master of stir-fried tofu and beans. Truth be told, I still love to cook and eat vegetarian meals and they are a central part of my dinner rotations. However, after a recent experience with my grandmother I realized how delicious a good steak could be. You see, my energetic, travel-loving grandmother arrived in Boston for a quick visit and broke her hip. Her hospital stay, while supported by wonderful nurses, did not provide her with her favorite: good food. So, one night I marinated a flank steak, threw it on the grill and packed it up picnic style to bring to her. I hadn't had flank steak since I was a child and it was wonderful. Best of all was the warmth that filled my grandmother's face as she ate it hungrily, proclaiming that it made her feel better.

And thus my love for steak was reborn. Yet after such a long time without meat, I had never actually owned a steak knife. So, I was more than appreciative when the Wusthof company sent me a sample of their new colorful Grand Prix II line of steak knives. I am a big Wusthof fan, relying on my knife set from Crate and Barrel for all my cooking. These beautiful knives from the Grand Prix II line, are a deep red. They are forged from one piece of high carbon steel. And then they sharpen the knives. As in, really sharp. (As in, be careful not to cut yourself sharp!)

So, the key question: how did they do with a good steak? Perfectly. It made any steak seem as tender as butter. In fact they call out for me to head over to my favorite butcher (Dewar's in Wellesley) and keep the red meat coming. The reality for such knives, however, is price. And, the reality: Wusthof Grand Prix II Steak Knives are available for around $160 at stores like William Sonoma. In other words, they may not be on the top of everyone's "must purchase" list. That being said, they are a great gift for a food-lover or a wedding. You can get them in the beautiful cherry red to dress up your table or the basic black.

Disclosure: from time to time I am sent products to review. However, I only blog about those I would recommend to my closest friends and family. In this case, I also thank Wusthof for sending these along.

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