Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To Sit and Enjoy Sushi: Daikanyama, Chestnut Hill

It was one of those days (weeks, really). I needed peace. I need calm. And when I crave that, the food I crave is sushi. I will never tire of the incredible sushi at Oishii. However, the Chestnut Hill location, with its minimal seats, does not lend itself to relaxation. After reading some positive reviews of Daikanyama at the Chestnut Hill Mall, I decided to treat myself. (I had finished a year teaching, after all!). And it was worth it. The restaurant itself is soothing, with soft water fountains and shades of browns and tans. And for just about $20, I had a delicious meal. It began with a treat: a warm towel to clean my hands and face. Then, a small salad. It distinguished itself from others I've had by the selection of field greens and a sweet-sesame enriched dressing. Then, a soothing miso soup, filled with not only tofu and seaweed but small dice of daikon. Next, 3 perfect appetizers. Steamed and chilled broccoli with sesame. Eggplant broiled so perfectly it was silky and sweet, sitting on a lemon slice. And my favorite: pieces of seaweed, almost candied, chewy and sweet. And all this before the sushi and sashmi selection arrived. Salmon, buttery and tender; tuna-filling and sweet; hirame-light and chewy; fresh shrimp and a tuna roll. Finally, the meal closed with sweet bites of pineapple and orange. I left refreshed and satiated, content to have another option for just the meal I needed.

Daikanyama, 199 Boylston Street (Route 9), Chestnut Hill, MA

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