Sunday, July 17, 2011

Better than a Tourist Trap: The Maine Diner, Wells, Maine

Unlike some people, accolades from the Food Network turns me AWAY from a restaurant or recipe. So, perhaps, that is what took me so long to try the Maine Diner. Yet as my mom and I headed from the Ogunquit Museum of American Art to Portland, hunger struck us both. And, there was the obvious: the Maine Diner standing smartly right on Route One in Wells, Maine. We didn't eat a lot, but what we ate was, well, fantastic. No joke.
We each got a lobster roll. My mother's came as promised: full of huge chunks of fresh lobster meat with just enough mayonnaise to add taste. I was enthralled with my "Dale Arnold." What arrived was warm chunks of fresh lobster meat placed in a grilled hot dog roll with melted butter. One bite and I was in heaven. The sweet meet was enveloped in the squishy bread. It was so good that I barely needed the butter.I also enjoyed their homemade baked beans. Made the traditional way, they consisted of little navy beans with the delightful combination of deep molasses and bacon. Unlike most people, we passed on dessert, but I suspect we will be back.

Maine Diner, Route 1, Wells, Maine, 207-646-4441

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