Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Strolling the Promenade and Other Portland Joys

My mother and I had enjoyed our meal at Fore Street. We had been delighted by the art and context of the Ogunquit Museum of Art. And now was my chance to show her some of my Portland Favorites. Standard Bakery came through with their insane chocolate croissants that had my mother covered in buttery crumbs.
They also had French macarons in flavors like yuzu, green tea, black sesame and cherry. Arabica Coffee gave us time to sit and a luscious cappuccino. We meandered into Company C whose rugs are as much art as functional with multi-textured and multi-colored designs.Two Fat Cats offered rhubarb-blueberry in addition to their perfect multi-berry pies, while I bought my sons tender cupcakes. We discovered the Eastern Promenade, a long walking path that borders old Railroad tracks and Casco Bay, perfect to get exercise after so many good meals. And we enjoyed the light and creativity of the Portland Museum of Art. And then, finally, finally, the sun emerged allowing us to picnic and enjoy the glory of Two Lights Beach.

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