Friday, July 8, 2011

Waffles Make the Wait Easier: The Paramount in Beacon Hill

My five year old son has spent far too much of his life in and out of doctor's offices. So, with another recent visit to Massachusetts General Hospital, I knew we had to do something wonderful together. My boy adores pancakes, requesting, "Best Recipe Pancakes" (a fantastic recipe from the Cook's Illustrated series) daily. But, he had never had a waffle! And I knew just where to bring him. We strolled down Beacon Hill and into the open doors of the Paramount Cafe on Charles Street. It was perfect for a young child-you order at the counter and then can sit and watch the world go by in the moments it takes to get your food. And when it came, he was in breakfast nirvana, loading blueberries into the crisp crevices of his tender malted waffle. At the end of the morning, he didn't tell more stories of the doctor. Instead he regaled his little brother with his first and favorite new waffle restaurant. Which, of course, he insists we need to all visit again together.

The Paramount, 44 Charles Street, Boston, MA

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  1. I adore the Paramount since it is right down the street from me. I'm a huge fan of their omelettes!