Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Sweetness of Divvies Products (Especially For People With Food Allergies!)

For many parents, an invitation to a birthday party is reason for excitement. When my son said, “I want to go to a baseball game," I wanted to share in his joy. However, both scenarios are more complicated to us as 3 year old Raphael is allergic to eggs and peanuts. So, each time we go to a party, we need to drag out the mixing bowl, check the refrigerator for sour cream and make a batch of cupcakes. As a full time teacher, it is overwhelming to think about the number of nights we will be up baking as he heads into school this fall. And, as for the baseball game, even if we decide to brave the fear of air-born peanuts, he certainly won’t be eating Cracker Jacks like his best friend, Jonah. We recently accepted (with ambivalence) that we would give our son with M&Ms to teach him potty training. However, we realized that they were made on a line with peanut M&Ms. This meant it was completely impossible for us to bring into the house. Needless to say, we were all thrilled when a huge box of samples arrived from Divvies.Last year I was taken with the story of Divvies cupcakes on the Martha Stewart Show. The founder of Divvies, Lori Sandler, faced a similar situation to ours when her son, Benjamin was diagnosed with a range of allergies. Lori and her husband, Mark soon realized how difficult it is to find delicious treats that are made without risk of cross-contamination from common allergens such as nuts, tree nuts, dairy and eggs. What I loved most about this company, is that the Sandlers set out to make treats that were good enough that even children (and adults) without allergies would want to enjoy them, too. Thus, the name, “Divvies” as in “divvying it up.”

The cupcakes were a highlight for all of us. First, they arrived in a whimsical and useful package, that included 12 cupcakes (wrapped in two sets of 6), a huge tub of frosting and sprinkles. You can flip the box over and use it to hold the cupcakes. You can also freeze the cupcakes for later events. My son not only loved decorating them, but we were all incredibly impressed by the quality. Needless to say they were much, much more moist and delicious than our own! And as a parent, it was such a thrill to watch him gobble them up without having to worry about an allergic reaction.

FoodieDaddy loved the Kettle Corn which was sweet and salty, while I preferred the darkened caramel of the Caramel Corn (my son’s alternative for baseball games when he wants Cracker Jacks.) The cookies, sugar and chocolate chip, were quite good for vegan cookies, and the other sweets, gum-drop like stars and jellybeans were good enough that I would feel comfortable giving them out at Halloween. Finally, the chocolate bars were delicious and they are gluten-free!

Divvies has even more products, such as chocolate chips (the only ones that I am aware of that are allergen free), as well as other cookies and candy. Not only are they safe for people with food allergies but their products are also Kosher. The reality is that we rarely eat sweets, but to know that these are out there for special occasions, makes life just a little bit easier for me and a bit sweeter for our son.

You can get Divvies in two ways. First, a number of their products are now available at Whole Foods. Second, you can order directly from Divvies themselves.

However, here is the good news: Divvies has generously offered a FoodieMommy reader the chance to get a dozen of Divvies delicious, fresh cupcakes delivered to your front door. If you are interested, just e-mail FoodieMommy ( with the following details: Your name, e-mail, phone number and a sentence or two about why you would like to win the cupcakes. If you are the winner, I will contact you for your home address for a delicious delivery. Good luck!

Divvies, 700 Oakridge Common, South Salem, NY 1-914-533-0333


  1. Thanks for the chance to win! I found you through a tweet from FoodAllergyBuzz. I'll email you shortly.

  2. Yes, Divvies is an exceptional product and a great help to all food allergy families. We have devoured many of their items. Just want people to know that there is a line of nut/peanut free candy/pretzels/mints, baking goods/choc chips that are available from Vermont Nut Free. Happy Eating.

  3. Great to know about other wonderful sources, such as Vermont Nut Free, though I haven't tried them yet. Keep the recommendations coming this way! I will soon be posting a write up of another vegan and gluten-free baker of great cakes in Natick. Another reader sent me this e-mail about a bakery in Newton, Mass:

    Blacker's Bake Shop in Newton (near Sumner St and Commonwealth Ave) made us an absolutely fabulous birthday cake. They are a nut and dairy free bakery (also pareve/kosher. I kept my expectations in check, but was thrilled. The cake was a thick, sweet, melt in your mouth delicious white cake with totally sinful vanilla frosting, decorated very nicely with flowers and piping. But they also had great cupcakes, frosted gingerbread man and we bought whole wheat bread. Their Challah looked equally wonderful although we didn't buy any. They are closed on Saturdays, close at 5 on Tuesday through Thursday and at 4 on Fridays, and are open 9-12 on

  4. Here's another to try, Home Free Treats:

    It's founded by a Wesleyan grad and New England based, though I'm not sure exactly where.

  5. Thanks to everyone who entered. Each story was so moving. Hopefully I will be able to offer similar contests, or at least more resources about helping kids (and people) with food allergies in the future. And congratulations to Liz, our contest winner! Her children will be able to have birthday cupcakes from Divvies. Thank you, too, for the generosity of Divvies.