Thursday, July 9, 2009

This Week at the Brookline Farmer's Market

With the sun out this Thursday afternoon, so were the happy customers at the Brookline Farmer's Market. This may be my new favorite. There was a huge range of farms offering gorgeous produce that I hadn't seen elsewhere. From Stillman's I bought some icicle radishes and purple kohlrabi, that when peeled, sliced and sprinkled with salt tasted like the sweetest of radishes. At the Kimball's Farm stand I purchased sweet raspberries and blueberries, their tomatoes that are always so, so good and pencil thin asparagus that cooked up in seconds on the grill. Other farm stands include: Cook's, Enterprise, Middle Earth and Dick's.
You can create a whole meal with bread from Clear Flour, jams from Deborah's Kitchen, fish from the Globe Fish Company, syrup from the Warren Sugarhouse and incredible naturally-raised meat from River Rock Farm (that was recently visited by Chef Jody Adams and her Guerilla Grilling team.) For appetizers, you can start with the smoked fish spreads from Nantucket Wild Gourmet & Smokehouse or chevre from Westfield Farm.

Finish with ice cream, Taza Chocolate and the salty butterscotch sauce from Sassy Sauces.

The Brookline Farmer's Market, Thursdays 1:30 until it is dark.


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