Monday, July 6, 2009

Places to Eat in North Conway, Glen, Jackson and Bartlett New Hampshire

The truth is, that we travel in large part to eat great food. If you are headed up to the North Conway/Glen/Bartlett area of New Hampshire and need a full stomach to hike or go to Story Land, here is a quick review of the places we tried. They are all kid-friendly and relatively inexpensive.

Moat Mountain
-North Conway. The food here was fantastic! We ate the best hush puppies I have ever tasted. They tasted like the most delicious, freshly fried cake donut. Yet they were also savory and filled with corn kernels. My husband dipped them into the maple syrup that was served on the side while my toddler and I just devoured them plain. They also have wonderful flatbread style grilled pizza and addictive fried chicken wings (which are on the kids menu). I had a combination platter that I literally couldn't finish over 2 dinners. It consisted of moist chicken, meaty ribs with pork that fell off the bone and smoky pulled pork. On the side was a small skillet of cornbread that was just baked. I loved that it was filled with cheese and jalapenos though it was too spicy for my husband. We both enjoyed the homemade coleslaw that was full of fresh veggies. The weakest part of the meal was the fact that they only offer two barbecue sauces. I liked one, but it was also too spicy for my husband. The other tasted like pureed tomatoes. Needless to say, this meant that my 16 month old, instead of my husband, ate the brisket that on its own was just too dry. In terms of keeping toddlers entertained, they have a number of TVs stationed throughout the restaurant, as well as a porch for adults without kids.

Glen Junction-Is great for children as there are two toy trains that travel on a track overhead. The prices were also reasonable, but our lunch (two wraps, grilled cheese and a hot dog) was mediocre.

Red Fox Bar and Grille-This place is absolutely perfect for kids as they have a play room and movie room for those moments that kids need while waiting (for table, for food). It was a great value overall as we fed our family of 4 for $30. The kids had delicious grilled cheese and hamburgers. I enjoyed a rare steak sandwich with chipotle dressing, while my husband liked his wood grilled burger.

Kringle's Country Store in Glen-a cute little store and pizza place. Decent pizza that was great for taking back to the condo when we could tell the kids couldn't handle another restaurant.

Trail’s End Ice Cream has home made ice cream from Bobby Sues in Freedom. It was so good that we went back 3 times. The first location in Intervale is good for a quick stop. But the second location near Attitash Mountain in Bartlett is good for a whole activity as it has a large area for sitting and a fantastic playground for the kids. I loved the peach frozen yogurt which had huge chunks of sweet peaches, while my kids devoured every scoop they could eat. Even the chocolate chip had hand chopped shards of dark chocolate.

Bagels Plus in North Conway-These weren't New York bagels, but they were very good and very friendly. They also have some unusual flavors such as whole wheat sesame, peanut butter and chocolate and spinach and garlic.

Yesterday’s in Jackson-delicious breakfast. Sarah took over the restaurant 7 years ago and makes a variety of homemade breads and muffins each day. We enjoyed a delicious wrap with eggs, roasted tomatoes, goat cheese and basil, as well as plate sized pancakes. Very relaxed and reasonable prices.

As You Like It Bakery and Cafe-for delicious baked good such as muffins and homemade donuts, in addition to bagels and toast. Also in Jackson.

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