Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Chicken, A Sandwich and a Monkey: North Creek Farm, Phippsburg, Maine

My son still cracks up from the sign that sits at the entrance of the North Creek Farm store: "Frog Parking Only. Others will be Toad."  Okay, so it may not be your sense of humor, but to enter North Creek, laughing at the sign and watching the chickens nibbling at our feet certainly set a context for our meal.  We had come to get food for lunch. (Lunch wasn't included in my MAP plan at the Sebasco Harbor Resort.) We were sticky and sandy from a few hours jumping the waves at glorious Popham Beach and wanted good food.  

North Creek Farm was a perfect find, situated just down the road from Sebasco and combined mini-grocery store, produce market, sandwich shop, dessert stop and gift store in one.

There was even an adjoining art gallery to check out.  In one corner of the store were freshly picked peas, local greens and blueberries.  Another turn and we discovered locally ground grains, yogurts and drinks.
As my sons were entranced by the playing cards and cars, my mother and I eyed the sandwich menu. Ultimately I chose an delicious smoked turkey, gruyere and blueberry chutney sandwich.  Melted and oozing, it was salty, sweet and savory at the same time.  My mom had thick slices of turkey, homemade bread and a fresh soup, filled with summer vegetables.  I also tried a fresh broccoli salad, which, while a bit heavy on the mayo, was still crisp and yummy.  I will admit that we never got to try the blueberry pie or the gelato.  But we did explore the backyard/garden which included more of those truly free range chickens, a newly built stone oven and seating in a little oasis.

North Creek Farm, 24 Sebasco Road, Phippsburg, Maine

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