Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mac's Seafood On the Wellfleet Town Pier and Why You May Find Us There

It is a pleasure to eat good food while watching boats stream in and out of Wellfleet Harbor. When my kids are done eating they curl their toes in the sand and collect shells.  And then we all grab ice cream cones and try to eat them before the creamy drips scatter on our chins.
Mac's Seafood has many locations in Wellfleet, but we have only tried their casual place on the Welllfeet Town Pier.  It is typically overpriced but the food is solid and the fish is from their fish market next door. I like getting their burritos for a quick, easy and healthy meal.  Friends love the burritos with grilled scallops, but I preferred the grilled shrimp. My mom got a grilled chicken salad on mixed greens.

We always call ahead, meaning that our food is ready as soon as we drive up. After dinner, we stroll on the town pier and watch the fishing boats and scan Indian Neck beach to see where we went swimming that day.  And then we get our ice cream. Always the ice cream.

Mac's Seafood on the Wellfleet Town Pier

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