Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Indian Neck Beach: Our Favorite Beach of 2011

Ponds are beautiful, peaceful places. The ocean is dramatic. But there is nothing like Indian Neck Beach for a three and five year old boys.  Indian Neck curls into Wellfleet Harbor and is technically a bay beach. 
What this means is you get the dynamic views of the tides, varied seashells and rocks, spectacular views of boats and jetties, and calm water for children to play in. It has fast become our favorite beach to go to when we visit Wellfleet, MA.  
My boys love that they can try to catch minnows, play in their beach rings and jump the mini-waves.  We know that depending on the tide, Indian Neck is a completely different experience.  A Wellfleet Beach Permit is required for Indian Neck Beach from June through Labor Day, though I have no doubt this place is gorgeous in the off season.

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