Monday, August 1, 2011

Two Boys and Fries at Foundry on Elm, Somerville

I get that not all parents would view the Foundry on Elm gastropub in Davis Square as a perfect family friendly restaurant. But for my three and five year old sons, it was pretty fabulous. I didn't set out to go there. But it was close to the Davis Square Farmer's Market and my sons had requested hamburgers. So, we meandered in at 11:30 after a sprinkler filled morning at Artesani Park.
Our server, David, couldn't have been more accommodating: getting my 3 and 5 year old boys straws, great seats and taking their questions about food seriously. And we loved the food. It started with tender bread, still warm from the oven. My sons' hamburgers were perfectly cooked. And oh, the fries. Double cooked skin-on Idahos, they were everything good fries should be: sweet, earthy, crisp, tender. Typically I allow "one bite of hamburger for each fry." But even I had to let them have two! The kids sensibly declared that these were the best fries they had ever had. I was just as happy. David steered me to what sounded like the ubiquitous grilled Veggie sandwich. But what arrived was special on a few fronts. The sweet onions, meaty portabella and grilled pepper were cooked perfectly and nutty Parmesan was folded between bites. But it was the sauce that really made it stand out. David explained it was a Bordelaise base, folded in with fresh thyme, basil and pureed sun dried tomatoes. It came with a lovely little salad, full of fresh greens and topped with slivers of fennel. For dessert, the Chef treated us to a taste of his new dessert: a rosy colored Red Velvet cupcake/whoopie pie of sorts. Then, my sons who had wanted an ice cream treat got something better still: a tasting of 3 gelatos. First, a creamy french vanilla. Next, a soothing chocolate pudding. And finally, my favorite, a wonderful hazelnut.
My boys were fully entertained by the big windows that allowed them to watch the world of Davis Square go by and to keep us busy playing, "I Spy."

We left and, of course, they are still asking when we can go back. (And, yes, for the record I do plan to go back, sans children, to indulge in their drink menu!)

Foundry on Elm, 255 Elm Street, Davis Square, Somerville

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