Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Etch a Sketches and Pancakes Go a Long Way at 158 Main in Jeffersonville

There are a few reasons to head to 158 Main in Jeffersonville, Vermont. It is just under 10 minutes from Smugglers' Notch. The prices are reasonable. The food is good. The bread is delicious. And the place is certainly kid-friendly, providing the little ones with "Etch a Sketch" toys to keep them occupied.

We went twice, once for dinner and once for brunch. Of the two meals, I loved the breakfast, but would return anytime.

We tried a few dishes at brunch. The plate size pancakes were light and, the best part, filled with tiny, fresh blueberries.
The smokey bacon was so good that my kids got two orders. And I inhaled my Town Western omelette which consisted of sweet and salty ham, peppers, tomatoes, onions and cheese.
The meal was so substantial, and included, too, thick slices of their homemade whole grain bread. In fact, my mom and I didn't eat again until dinner!
My favorite part of dinner? My kid's chicken fingers. Seriously. They were huge chunks of white meat chicken, lightly fried and salted. Served with french fries, it was healthy junk food galore for my kids. I went with the fried theme and had the local Rock Art Beer battered fish and chips.
The fish itself, fresh haddock, was good, but I peeled of the coating. My mom had another flatbread, which included mozzarella and artichoke hearts.
I thought it was soggy and bland, but she enjoyed it. Overall, it was clear to me that I had been spoiled by our previous night's dinner at Hearth and Candle. But here, the fish and chips cost $11.95! And they have many sandwiches under $10.00.

158 Main Restaurant and Bakery, Jeffersonville, Vermont.

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