Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nourishing Those Hungry Bellies at Smugglers

After mornings hiking and afternoons spent splashing, swimming, swinging golf clubs, it is easy to be hungry at Smugglers' Notch. (The mountain air helps, too.) So, in order of my recommendations:

1. Bring your own food. Yup. That is my best suggestion for keeping costs low and food healthy. It may be inconvienent, but by bringing some key staples, it gives you the most flexiblity, and, in some cases, the best quality.

2. Add on by buying gorgeous Vermont produce at the Monday morning farmer's market or at the local Vermont stands and orchards near by. Add on further by buying what you forgot at the Smugglers' Notch Country Store located right on the premises of the resort.

3. Splurge for a meal at the Hearth and Candle. This privately owned restaurant is situated right at the resort. The meal we ate easily rivaled some of the great meals I have had in Boston and Cambridge. It isn't inexpensive, but the quality makes it very worth it. For a full write up, click here.
4. Head out of the resort to some of the local restaurants. We only made it to 158 Main in Jeffersonville, but we liked it so much that we returned twice, once for dinner and for an even better breakfast/brunch. For more about our meals there, click here.

5. Fill up on ice cream at the Ben and Jerry's store located right at the resort. Yup, all the rich stuff right at your footsteps.

While there are restaurants right at and owned by Smugglers', our better dining experiences were had elsewhere. But try the Morse Mountain Grille or the any of the other places and tell me what you think.

For more about food at Smuggs, click here.

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